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Playa del Carmen, July 7-14, 2014

Until now I’d mostly been treating this blog as strictly a photo blog, without really writing any content other than adding tags to posts for ease of navigation. But I wanted to share photos from my recent travel for my job with Automattic, and my personal blog with all of my silly parenting nonsense on it seemed like a strange place to share them. So, I’m sharing them here.

We went to Playa del Carmen in Quintana Roo, Mexico. In July. In July.

It was hot, y’all. And beautiful.

I took my old Nikon D70 and shot with my little 35 mm f/2.0 the whole time. I’d like to eventually get a mirrorless camera for travel, but the old D70 did a good job and I was really struck by how much lighter it is than my D7000. Plus, I didn’t have to worry so much about it getting damaged, since it isn’t my primary camera.

Should I mention that the camera took a dip in the Mexican Caribbean and came out unscathed? Though I suppose that can be attributed to a good Lowepro camera bag.

My iPhone was not so lucky, but I digress.

I was taking two courses of antibiotics for a cut on my finger while there, and I had a pretty bad allergic reaction toward the end of the trip, so I had to come home a day early. I also felt pretty “off” the entire time, so I didn’t do as much photography as I’d originally wanted to. But I’m still happy to share this photo-essay of our trip.

I’ll get the photos from Wales in April posted soon too.

So I guess this is going to become my work-related blog too. Enjoy!

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  1. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time, alright – the photos are not only marvellous but redolent with good nature. (Am somewhat confused by the Dia del Muertos things, it not being the time; but I suppose that’s like Venice and carnevale masks …) Terrific post !


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Bubs <3 I'm actually reading an actual book, you guys. We'll see how long I last before passing out. Sweet giggly cousins and a farting dog toy. :) Cuties :) Saturday night at Fort Hooks. :) Someday soon will be the last day I do this, I think. He's napping on a cot at daycare now, instead of a crib, and he's trying to climb out of his at home. We're probably going to be moving his crib out of our room soon, which will change the bedtime routine. My mind is ready, my heart will never be. Pea had a doctor's appointment today, and it has become a bit of a tradition to stop at Starbucks for a treat with the girls after appointments, before heading back to school. It was risky for me, since I've cut out sugar and dairy temporarily (going into day four!), and one of my usual quad venti vanilla lattes was singing its siren song. I stayed strong and got a tall Americano instead, and it was actually mighty good. The company was pretty wonderful as well. #Whole30 #Starbucks The fact that I allow this nonsense means I can't complain that my couch smells like dog, I suppose. #thisiswhywecanthavenicethings We've managed to evade a true Ohio winter until just this past week, really. The snow isn't so bad yet, but the cold is bitter. Incredible that this weather started in early November last year, and lasted through late March. I'm so thankful for the two-month reprieve that Mother Nature gave us this year. #latergram of the littlest two being adorbs. Never has there been a luckier mama. :) :) :)

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