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Playa del Carmen, July 7-14, 2014

Until now I’d mostly been treating this blog as strictly a photo blog, without really writing any content other than adding tags to posts for ease of navigation. But I wanted to share photos from my recent travel for my job with Automattic, and my personal blog with all of my silly parenting nonsense on it seemed like a strange place to share them. So, I’m sharing them here.

We went to Playa del Carmen in Quintana Roo, Mexico. In July. In July.

It was hot, y’all. And beautiful.

I took my old Nikon D70 and shot with my little 35 mm f/2.0 the whole time. I’d like to eventually get a mirrorless camera for travel, but the old D70 did a good job and I was really struck by how much lighter it is than my D7000. Plus, I didn’t have to worry so much about it getting damaged, since it isn’t my primary camera.

Should I mention that the camera took a dip in the Mexican Caribbean and came out unscathed? Though I suppose that can be attributed to a good Lowepro camera bag.

My iPhone was not so lucky, but I digress.

I was taking two courses of antibiotics for a cut on my finger while there, and I had a pretty bad allergic reaction toward the end of the trip, so I had to come home a day early. I also felt pretty “off” the entire time, so I didn’t do as much photography as I’d originally wanted to. But I’m still happy to share this photo-essay of our trip.

I’ll get the photos from Wales in April posted soon too.

So I guess this is going to become my work-related blog too. Enjoy!

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  1. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time, alright – the photos are not only marvellous but redolent with good nature. (Am somewhat confused by the Dia del Muertos things, it not being the time; but I suppose that’s like Venice and carnevale masks …) Terrific post !


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Well, this is charming. I might be as big of a MLP fan as my girls are. :) This $6 mug was my gift to myself this year. "Teeeee" means "cheeeeese" :) Haven't quite mastered the art of the knock-knock joke. Pumpkin telling me about Christmas stuff. Tonight was the holiday open house and Santa visit at my kiddo's school...they were sad they were going to miss it since I'm sick and couldn't take them. Daddy came to the rescue and took them, and they were so, so happy. Kiddo insisted on his usual nightly cuddle, despite my illness...if he doesn't get the flu too, it will be a minor medical miracle. Liv has also been kissing all over him all week, as usual... Hahahaha... "Heyloooo..." Laughing so hard I'm in tears. I'm not going to lie - I love him differently than I love the girls. He's my boy, he's my baby. He's more tender than they were. I love them all with equal magnitude, but in different ways. I love that he likes to suck his thumb and snuggle with blankies, when neither of his sisters really had much interest in either. I delight in his warm, sturdy little form, and the curls around his ears. My sweet sweetheart. He was telling me ALL about something in the tub. This Instagram feed should maybe be renamed to "Pictures of my kids sleeping." Keith and I came to bed to find this wee mouse tonight. Morning in the hotel. :)

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