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may 18, 2014

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Spring blooms from the yard. :) Little bud is insisting on watching Syd's rendition of "Roar", and joining in as well. #cutebutpleasegotosleep I believe this is what they refer to as "moxie". Look out, Katy Perry. #roar She made him a nest and then "read" to him...what a lucky little boy. #latergram #latergram from Sycamore Creek in Pickerington. BFF. Sweet little nerds. :) He's not into my lullabies because he's a complete boss at singing his own. Oh my little panda bear. My heart can't take it. <3 Toddlers, man. He's not a big fan of mommy's lullabies. This child. She is a darling and a tyrant and a complex little soul. I love her madly. Hopefully she won't kick Keith in the eye socket tonight. #toddlerbedsharing :) Free spirit :) I guess this could have been a lot worse... Kisses from my Cody girl. I don't have many recent pictures of her, since she usually runs and hides when someone points a camera (or phone) at her. She's staring to get gray on her muzzle. Sweet girl. Spring ;)

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