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may 11, 2014

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day

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Story time with Peanut. I hope she never loses her sweet little lisp. Crash and burn :) He was up at 2:45 last night and spent an hour coughing in my face and rooting around uncomfortably, then up again for the day at 6:30. Only a brief nap in the car this afternoon. So ready to sleep. Already far cooler than his old mama. #springinohio Big boy and I got some fresh air today with a walk around the neighborhood...did us both good. #springinohio More from the back yard. Bradford pear, maybe? #springinohio Sole survivor. #springinohio Redbuds in the back yard. #springinohio From lunch yesterday with @frenzycheck - yes, they are as tall as the building. My officemates are a bit obnoxious/adorable today... #automattic #homeoffice Spring blooms from the yard. :) Little bud is insisting on watching Syd's rendition of "Roar", and joining in as well. #cutebutpleasegotosleep I believe this is what they refer to as "moxie". Look out, Katy Perry. #roar She made him a nest and then "read" to him...what a lucky little boy. #latergram #latergram from Sycamore Creek in Pickerington.

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