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april 18, 2014 | Sweets for your eyes by Jen Hooks.

Even the bugs in my house have dust on them.

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It's official - "ants" is one of his first words. #springinohio What fresh hell is this? #springinohio Pumpkin's face when I told her it was snowing again. I feel ya, sister. Ants have infiltrated the bathroom, and my baby boy is NOT okay with it. Front-facing camera is blurry :( #wcdayton Automatticians! WordCamp Dayton 2015. #wcdayton We frequently have late night visitors to our game sessions. We can't wait to game as a family! #boardgamers #gamerfamily #starwarslcg #splendor Lullabye...thanks Nana :) Future Automattician? #automattic #latergram :) #latergram Well this isn't safe at all. #latergram Bub was stoked to be coloring at the big table with sis. #latergram Another #latergram. Those are 3T pajamas on my baby boy. #latergram from Disney on Ice. I am so lucky to be their mommy. Threenager selfie. So artsy.

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