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may 2007

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Earth angel :) Neat :) I know everyone loves sunshine and crystal blue skies with fluffy clouds, but opening up my balcony door to this is pretty wonderful for me. I love the rain. #a8cGM #CanyonsResort Whyyyyyy am I still awake? More Avalon. Why don't y'all trust me? :) #a8cGM Avalon is no joke. There might have been a lot of yelling. #a8cGM Alpine Lake hikers this morning. So lovely up there. #a8cGM Watching flash talks, y'all. #a8cGM Didn't buy it, wish I had. #AtticusCoffee Morning photo walk in downtown Park City. Worth getting up at 5:00 am for. :) #a8cGM #automattic Yum! #a8cGM #CanyonsResort Lunch! #a8cGM Learning some basic programming at #a8cGM :)

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