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may 2007

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The band is back together. :) Missed them. I got a lot of bloodwork done as a toddler, for a pretty rare disorder called ITP. I vividly remember being fascinated with the little vials. The colors, the perfect orderliness of them. It was the one thing that helped me overcome my fear of the needles. They still have the same comforting effect. Getting some basic tests done to see if we can figure out what's up with this creaky old body of mine. I think he likes having his own room. :) GeGe brought boiled peanuts! A little bit of the South. :) Sweet pea :) The sweetest. #sisters more #summerinohio...muddy paws! My boys. So lucky :) Impromptu fun :) A bowl of summer :) This is unfavorable errand-running weather. #summerinohio #ohiostorms Sugar and spice :) She likes to try on my glasses. :) It will be a genetic miracle if all of our kids don't need corrective lenses. #nearsighted

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