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may 2007

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💗 Out. I don't know how she contains her intensity in such a tiny little body. Having a bit of fun at the playground. The kid's hair is getting a bit unruly. :) 💙 Hideous day today. More screaming, crying, and tantrums than peace and happiness. The littlest two were so tired all day, and we tried our best to wear them out for good nights' sleep tonight. Hoping it works. I don't know if K and I can survive another day like today. Parenthood is so, so hard. All women should just be given standard-issue headbands when they become moms. Thank goodness for them! #motherhood Do something today. "Bedtime" is not calm and quiet this evening. You can hear him pop up and kiss me on the cheek toward the end though. I ain't mad. #toddlersongs Moments earlier, out of nowhere, she declared, "Mommy, people are made of steak." She wouldn't tell me on video though, because it was "a secret for our family." #cannibalpreschooler We've recently started regularly getting two nighttime visitors each night, instead of just one. This was from this morning. #familybed Peanut talks about where milk comes from. This sweet fellow is 36 inches tall and just shy of 27 pounds! My baby is so very much not a baby any more. The doctor asked if he talked much, and seemed surprised when I told him that he has a vocab of more than twenty words. So proud of my wee one. Another from Monday's teatime at daycare. #latergram Oreos for teatime with my biggest girl. :) #latergram Mother's Day teatime with my middleborn on Monday. #latergram

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