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april 9, 2014, part two

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Artist's heart, this one. :) His "neenee" is a blanket that belonged to his great-grandmother Madelyn. He loves it more than anything. :) Werk! #sweettoddlermoves Oh, just hiding in the closet, eating peanut butter off a spoon. As one does. "Bedtime". Thanks for the reminder, #fortunecookie. :) I'll never get tired of midafternoon midwest thunderstorms. #summerinohio #thunderstorm Really? Fashion, baby. They set this up on their own, watching "Spaghetti and Enchanted Meatballs" (Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs) :) #diydrive-in #summer #momofthree He's obsessed with "thoop". #cleantoddler Pretty sure this girl's mama was a coyote... #dogsofinstagram #clairebear #rescuepup #mutts Squeaky clean :)

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