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april 9, 2014, part two

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Moments earlier, out of nowhere, she declared, "Mommy, people are made of steak." She wouldn't tell me on video though, because it was "a secret for our family." #cannibalpreschooler We've recently started regularly getting two nighttime visitors each night, instead of just one. This was from this morning. #familybed Peanut talks about where milk comes from. This sweet fellow is 36 inches tall and just shy of 27 pounds! My baby is so very much not a baby any more. The doctor asked if he talked much, and seemed surprised when I told him that he has a vocab of more than twenty words. So proud of my wee one. Another from Monday's teatime at daycare. #latergram Oreos for teatime with my biggest girl. :) #latergram Mother's Day teatime with my middleborn on Monday. #latergram The first time I tried taking all three kids to the grocery by myself. I was at daycare for Mother's Day tea with the girls. Got out early, so I figured I'd take the plunge and save having to go in the morning. I saw dark clouds a ways off, but I'd committed to trying. Two minutes into shopping, the tornado warning came up on my phone. Loud, loud rain and wind, pounding the roof. An employee said a funnel was sighted, and the intercom advised everyone to head back to the dairy cooler. We piled in, and it was cold. Raw meat and other refrigerated stuff everywhere. Kids were a dream...the girls kept each other warm. Employees passed out water and cookies. We eventually moved outside of the cooler, and after a few minutes, Keith showed up. My hero! We're home safe now and skies are clear. It will be awhile before I try another solo grocery trip with the munchkins. :) #springinohio #tornadowarning Happy Mother's Day to this wonderful woman as well. I'm so thankful for her wisdom, humor, and affection. I'm a lucky daughter-in-law! I'm so lucky to be hers. How gorgeous is she?! Her heart is the only thing more beautiful. I love you, mama! Happy Mother's Day. Keith took this a few nights ago. We fell asleep in the rocker while he was putting Logan down. I could have stayed right here all night. This big girl rode her bike all the way to get ice cream tonight. #springinohio It's kind of rad to live in a neighborhood that's within walking distance to #Graeters. :) A photo of me and my children all looking at the camera AND smiling? Nope - I can only have one or the other. #reality

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