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april 9, 2014, part two

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It's a good morning for a photo session! #jhp This Peanut is such a sweet, complicated, firebrand little girl. She is opinionated, whip-smart, and so, SO ferocious at times, but she's also the most tender of all three of our littles. She spent the first nine months of her life in our bed at night, and now she's started a nightly routine of sneaking down to climb between us every night. This one needs gentle handling and a wee bit more daddy and mommy time, even if she's asleep the duration of it. :) From earlier today at #lyndsfruitfarm I love these little ladies so much. Sigh :) The littlest nugget is feeling better, but I was mistaken about his teething woes. There aren't two molars coming in - there are FOUR. I can't even imagine what it must feel like. My boys at the Ohio Renaissance Festival today. All smiles at bedtime tonight. My sweet lasses :) Leaving for today's photo sessions in Sidney. These are not ideal photography conditions. #jhp Earth angel :) Neat :) I know everyone loves sunshine and crystal blue skies with fluffy clouds, but opening up my balcony door to this is pretty wonderful for me. I love the rain. #a8cGM #CanyonsResort Whyyyyyy am I still awake?

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