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april 9, 2014, part two

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Keith asked me the other night what it was that made watching our babies sleep so compelling. I think this is the answer. Because OHMYGOSHCUTE. Pumpkin and daddy built a six-foot snowman with a tragically small head. Wish I could have helped. :) His first haircut will be soon. Or not. I'm not sure I can say goodbye to those baby wings. After screaming at us for approximately two hours this afternoon, she finally found calm when I sang her our song - Stand By Me. This little one has a fire in her heart that I wish I understood better. This little girl is my rock. Today was chaotic with chores and to-do list stuff, and I haven't been feeling well for the last few days. Peanut was also in apocalypse-mode for several hours this afternoon. This big girl brings me back down to earth and brings me peace. I'm so fortunate to call her mine. I'll try hard to remember this sweetness when he's a teenager yelling that he hates me because I won't let him stay out late... Mommy's had a little wine. :) He looooves this crown. Ridiculous. Well, that was unexpected. Potty practice. #latergram It's raining tacos! #latergram Feeling the music :) #latergram I'll remember these moments even when she's old enough to have babies of her own. She's going through a phase right now where she says she doesn't know how to fall asleep in her bed, so she sleeps with us. She needs us a bit more right now, and it's ok. :)

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