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april 9, 2014

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Yum! #a8cGM #CanyonsResort Lunch! #a8cGM Learning some basic programming at #a8cGM :) My office today. :) #a8cGM #automattic Not something you see in Ohio! #a8cgm2014 Somehow my giant frame got placed in a middle seat on my first leg to Dallas. Luckily there's lots of legroom on American Airlines (this plane, at least), but I'm having to tuck my elbows in so I don't invade the personal space of folks on either side of me. Utah, here I come! #a8cgm2014 Poor bub. :( Someday soon he won't fit here like a wee puzzle piece. Someday he won't need me when he's sick. This is one of the beautiful and devastating things about parenthood; I'll remember this version of "us"; I'll be this same person inside, once he's an adult, but he will never remember what this felt like. I love him so. Lunch date today...happy anniversary to my favorite boy. Not sure what this is, but it was pretty. I hope it doesn't want to eat my trees. No idea where she gets her knack for melodrama. Being "on purple" for the day is doing school Like A Boss. These two... The curls, y'all. A heck of a lot like Liv's were. Ha :) "Is it pretty, mommy?"
"You're not mad at me?!"
Oh, Peanut. You nut. Did a major jewelry store really just put up a gigantic billboard at a major outdoor Columbus shopping area, and misspell "marry"? Birthday girl lunch with dada.

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