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march 27, 2014

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Keith and I are out for an afternoon date, and I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed while he drove. I saw this photo of @samheughan on an Outlander page, and it struck me -  my husband totally has Jamie Fraser hair. After the bitter, extended winter last year, I'm sure my fellow Ohioans were dismayed (best case) or horrified (worst case) at today's substantial snowfall. I'm definitely not looking forward to the long cold months ahead, but I'm trying to stay positive. Upside of winter? Cute hats that hide unwashed mom-hair, and bulky coats that obscure my wrinkled teeshirt! What's your upside? :) :) Pea and me :) Bedbug. :) These two :) :) "Knock us a kiss, love." My little BFF. She's becoming such an interesting, kind, and gentle little person. Definitely not a baby any more. :) I love that this is how Olivia draws herself. :) Logan and daddy playing, "Do you like my hat?" Oh, this girl. Gender stereotypes? Pffff. His favorite toy is actually one of the girls' baby doll strollers. So I guess giving him a marker and dry-erase book while I was making dinner was a bit of a mistake.

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